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Filter for Unopened Emails & Student Lists Download Updates

Product Update -    Released On - 06/21/18

Quickly Filter For Unopened Emails

With the open rate stats now in Illume, we've heard loud and clear that Civitas partners want to be able to send targeted follow up to students who didn't open previous emails in a campaign. For that reason we've created the ability for you to quickly focus-in on students who have not engaged with previous emails. When you’ve decided to “Send Another Nudge”, simply click the "Exclude Students who Opened a Previous Email in this Campaign," to exclude students who have opened previous emails.

Exclude options
Persistence Prediction Percentages in Student List Download

Persistence Prediction category scores let you quickly understand a student’s likelihood to persist. In cases where you may want more granularity, we’ve added a % likelihood column in the .CSV student list download. This new piece of information will show you a numerical percent likelihood of a student returning the following term.

Persistence Percentage in CSV

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