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Enhanced Student Lists

Product Update -    Released On - 11/18/16

Today's updates include enhancements to Student Lists and giving admin users access to the Data Information page.  

Enhanced Student Lists

We have added more data fields to your Student Lists to deliver meaningful student information in a single place. With more dynamic Student Lists you can:

  1. Segment and divide up student lists to assign action items to frontline staff (e.g. add "Home Campus" and split up the list amongst advisors at different campuses).
  2. Continue your analysis in a more familiar spreadsheet tool, like Excel.
  3. Email students without going to another system to retrieve their email addresses.
  4. See up to five Powerful Predictors for every student.
  5. See aggregate insights at the student level.

Admin user access to Data Information Page

  1. We are giving admin users access to the DataInformation page in Illume Students. You can verify term dates and get updates on your data extracts. We will be sharing a detailed guide to help you navigate this page. To access it, click on the 'pancake' logo at the top right of Illume and click "What's This?" link at the top.

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