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Updates to Scratchpad and Data Information Page + Tooltips

Product Update -    Released On - 12/09/16

Updates to Scratchpad and Data Information Page

Download a saved Scratchpad insight as a PowerPoint (.ppt)

Sharing is fundamental to a collaborative tool like Scratchpad. Our partners love being able to download an analysis previously saved in Scratchpad and pasting it into a PowerPoint presentation. So, we’re saving you that extra step, by enabling you to download directly as a PowerPoint file. The slide will have the relevant info in it, such as filters used, notes, a link to get back to the insight, etc.) – all in an editable format. Of course, you still retain the option to download analyses as .png files. To download an insight, click the "Download as" button on Scratchpad and choose "PowerPoint." Anything can be removed from the downloaded PowerPoint, so if you’d like make changes to the slide design, you can easily do so without having to edit a master slide. 

Clickable tooltips in the Data Information Page

To make our apps more mobile-friendly, we replaced the hover-over tooltips with clickable tooltips. To ensure users know they can be clicked, we've added a visual cue—a light dotted line below anything that can be clicked. 

Included within this release are additional customer-driven improvements that enhance your ability to understand, connect with and support the students you serve.

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