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Filter for Prediction Scores, Categorical Values & Scratchpad Search

Product Update -    Released On - 01/12/17

With this release, Illume Students users will be able to filter for prediction scores, see all categorical values in a student list download and have an easier time clearing Scratchpad search results

Filter for Prediction Score (e.g., "Very Low," "Low," "Moderate," etc.)

The most fundamental aspect to using Illume is the prediction score you get for each student – every action, intervention or policy change proceeds from these predictions. To streamline that path from prediction to preventative action, we’ve created an additional filter for prediction scores, so that you can take direct action on a prediction, as well as see the factors behind each prediction score.

See All Categorical Values in a Student List

When we enabled you to add Powerful Predictor data to student lists, we initially limited categorical values with over 20 values, such as Major CIP code, to the top 19 most populated values and then bucketed the rest in a "Civ_other" category. We will now include all categorical values in the student list and download. This enhancement does not affect how Powerful Predictor charts look, but rather what data populates Student Lists.

Add "X" to clear Scratchpad search results

So that you can clear a search before starting another, we’ve added a small but clear "x" at the end of the search bar, which clears the text and brings you back to original, un-searched state of Scratchpad.

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