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Updates to the Data Information Page & Filters

Product Update -    Released On - 02/21/17

With this release, we've made some enhancements to the Data Information page, as well as some improvements for institutions with graduate students.

More "Upcoming Terms" in Data Information page

Late last year, we gave admin users access to the Data Information page to enable them to verify dates, especially upcoming dates. We know that correct dates are important for modeling and ensuring valid Powerful Predictors, but until now, users could only check dates one term in the future. This enhancement enables users to look at least one year into the future to confirm dates are correct (and to update if not).

Fix to "Previous Institution" filter

We’re cleaning up some transfer credit accounting for a segment of graduate students. For graduate students who claimed transfer credits when they were undergraduates at the same institution, those students were counted as having transfer credits, which meant we were inflating their number of previous institutions by one. We’ve corrected this for all partners in this situation, so filter counts may change if you have graduate students, but they should be correct.

Change to "Student Type" filter to "Undergraduate Type"

Filtering for Academic Level "Graduate,” partners were seeing students in some of the filters other than the "Non-Undergraduate" filter. In other words, they were seeing first time in college graduate students, which seems oxymoronic. We adjusted the "Student Type" filter, removing the "Non-Undergraduate" and creating a filter for "Undergraduate Type,” so that only undergraduate students populate those buckets. If you filter for "Graduate" and then look at the "Undergraduate Type" filter, you should see 0 counts for any of the sub-filters.

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