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Scratchpad Enhancements & Filter Change

Product Update -    Released On - 03/16/17

We continue to build on the success of Scratchpad with several new enhancements. Read on!

Scratchpad Enhancements

We're gratified by how our partners have embraced Scratchpad, and have gotten some useful feedback to inform Scratchpad’s roadmap. With this release, we’re pleased to announce several usability enhancements to make Scratchpad a more valuable part of your workflow. These include a more intuitive user interface, a more robust commenting system, and the ability to make an insight private. By making an insight private, you can continue to conduct research or prepare a presentation without others knowing what you’re working on before you’re ready to share. With the updated commenting system, you’ll be able to make a comment as you save an insight to Scratchpad, without having to leave the analysis and go into Scratchpad to do so.

Filter Change: "Previous Institutions" --> "Transfer Institutions"

To further clarify how graduate and transfer students are accounted for in Illume Students, we’ve changed the filter name for “Previous Institutions” to “Transfer Institutions.”

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