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More Precision in Identifying Student Groups

Product Update -    Released On - 06/29/17

The focus of this release was to enable more precision in identifying specific groups of students as part of your outreach strategy. Additional filters mean you can reach even more students with very personalized messages.

Add un-enrolled students to your student list

Now you can proactively outreach to all your students with targeted emails including un-enrolled students. Use the drop-down list on the right of your Inspire for Advisors Dashboard page to filter for students not enrolled in the current term to send targeted group emails.

Use "Upward Prediction Trend" filter to recognize students

You work hard to help students navigate their academic journey and it’s important to celebrate your students’ effort in taking the right steps towards success. Now you can easily identify and reach out to students who have an improved likelihood of persisting by applying the “Upward Probability Shift” filter when you build your outreach list.

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