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New Campaigns & Outreach Analytics

Product Update -    Released On - 11/30/17

New Campaigns to Run this Spring in the Nudge Hub

Have you visited the Nudge Hub lately? We gave it a makeover and have added new campaigns you can start using right now!

If you’re not familiar with the Civitas Learning Nudge Hub, it’s a repository of campaign templates aimed at impacting student success at your institution. Each campaign targets a specific group of students and considers the spectrum of risk that exists within the group so that you can differentiate support by need. Nested within each campaign, is a series of nudge messages that are grounded in positive psychology and which differ by level of risk, timing within the term, and call to action. We recently added two new campaigns to the Nudge Hub:

  1. The Re-enrollment Campaign: We know there are a variety of reasons that cause a student not to re-enroll in the next term. This campaign takes into account each student’s prediction score when differentiating message and support for students with the goal of encouraging persistence at your institution. Use this campaign before the Spring term to encourage re-enrollment.
  2. The “One More Course” Campaign: This campaign was inspired by findings recently shared in our latest Community Insights Report, where we focused on part-time students and found that encouraging students to take just one more course can impact their likelihood to persist.

Contact your Partner Success Consultant if you need help logging into the Civitas Learning Nudge Hub.

Outreach Analytics in Illume Students

Following the release of email outreach capability within Illume Students, we’re adding real-time analytics so you can monitor campaign success. Included in this release are both open and click through rate measurements that help you know when to tweak the outreach and resend, or when further action is needed. For example, if you see that students aren’t opening your email, you can determine if the next best step is to modify the subject line or, perhaps, activate other team members to engage with this particular group of students in a different way. Insight to what’s working as your campaign progresses enables you to more precisely provide the right support to the right student at the right time, and increase the effectiveness of the campaign. You’ll find open and click through rate measurements within the Outreach tab for each nudge sent within a campaign.

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