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In-App Nudge Library & "Send on Behalf of" Feature

Product Update -    Released On - 03/09/18

In-App Nudge Hub Library

Easily access a robust in-app library of nudging resources specially designed to help you quickly implement effective nudge campaigns. Within Nudge Hub you will find templates and helpful industry articles, such as our popular article on High GPA Low Persistence Prediction.https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/AbdAqMAPoEnutzSJkRcDWLpMrUOBwPsbjsi-JAnpjzI/JmQDVlvuiouZPMyH_RC48h0GfqAbC-O0LF7U5IHGSKs/NudgeHubArticle-Yh4.png

Send Nudges on Behalf of Students’ Assigned Advisor

We know that students are more likely to open emails that come directly from their advisors but coordinating separate student lists across multiple advisors can be time-consuming. For that reason, we created a feature to allow any Illume Students user to send a nudge to a list of students on behalf of the students’ assigned advisor. Emails will appear to come from the students’ advisor, and student responses will go directly back to the advisor, enabling direct two-way student-advisor communication.

To better illustrate which advisor the message was sent from we've added the students’ assigned advisor in the far right-hand column of the Student List.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/AbdAqMAPoEnutzSJkRcDWLpMrUOBwPsbjsi-JAnpjzI/rgrjXCHbDNp_rkpiV4RCpBJ0_njvmkQwgD74rdjjzmg/student lists_assigned advisor column_02.23.18-1vE.png

All advisors who have a nudge sent out on their behalf will receive a summary email. The content of the email will include the nudge message, campaign criteria and list of their students included in the nudge.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/AbdAqMAPoEnutzSJkRcDWLpMrUOBwPsbjsi-JAnpjzI/F2x0ovEIbMmT1Beq3GuW1nZayzHVVjaX7v9gp86nUn4/advisor spoofing email_02.23.18-oOg.png

Send an Email on Behalf of Another Illume Students User or a Central Email Account

Cut down on coordination time and streamline workflows with the ability to send a nudge on behalf of another Illume Students user or a central email account. The single user functionality is intended to allow an Illume Students user to send nudges on behalf of individuals who may not have the time to coordinate and send nudges themselves.

Sending on behalf of a centralized email account is commonly used to send emails on behalf of offices or teams who have set-up a central email account that they prefer to triage out of.


Also, we have built an automatic exclusion for students who may have passed away since a previous nudge was sent.

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