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Pre-Planning Alerts & Customize Degree Comparison Options

Product Update -    Released On - 03/09/18

Pre-Planning Alerts

Currently on the Degree Progress page, when planning a course from a placeholder or course catalog, there is no indication a student may have completed a course or if they have already planned that course.

Now pre-planning alerts will indicate important information in the planning modal which will help advisors and students successfully plan terms according to an institution's requirements and reduce their chances of a student taking unnecessary courses.

Pre-planning alerts will appear when a student -

  • Attempts to plan a course that has been completed with a passing grade
  • Attempts to plan courses that are in progress or registered
  • Attempts to plan a course that has already been planned

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/AbdAqMAPoEnutzSJkRcDWLpMrUOBwPsbjsi-JAnpjzI/GJ_JWdHAt_02Ly7Jkwiv8HWamE_imZmn9AQ-QjTSSB8/pre-planning modal alert-2hw.png

Customize Degree Comparison Options

Currently, the Compare Degrees drop-down defaults to Majors, Minors and Certificates. Today you now have the option of removing Minors and/or Certificates from the dropdown list. In the example below, we have removed certificates.


*If you would like to remove Minors and/or Certificates from the Compare Degree dropdown please contact your Partner Experience Manager or Partner Success Consultant.

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