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Summer Nudges & New Financial Aid Permission

Product Update -    Released On - 04/19/18

Summer nudge additions to the Nudge Hub

We’ve added summer focused resources to the Nudge Hub that are geared to help you support your summer students and reduce summer melt. Summer nudge content is broken out by current enrollment status, so you can tailor messages to both summer term students and students working, or otherwise taking a break over the summer. https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/AbdAqMAPoEnutzSJkRcDWLpMrUOBwPsbjsi-JAnpjzI/f7w_Qjw1E-F1VX4hETzU7G2Bo_pqH8EFYyDu1kSiewQ/summer%20nudges%20images-5E0.png

New financial aid permission

Student data privacy is important to us at Civitas, and we know that it’s critical for our partners to ensure that access to specific data is restricted to appropriate users. For this reason, we’ve added a new user-level permission to control access to financial aid filters and Powerful Predictors. This will ensure that users who are authorized to see financial aid data can still explore financial aid insights while allowing users who aren’t authorized to view financial aid information access to Illume.

This permission is available in the user management panel and is default-off when creating a new account, meaning when creating an account, you now need to actively give permission to access financial aid data. This change will not affect anyone's current permissions, so all your existing users will still have access to financial aid data, but you can modify user's permissions at any time in the user management panel.


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