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Degree Map Reports

Product Update -    Released On - 05/10/18

Degree Map Reports

Degree Map Reports

The Usage Report for Degree Map provides institutions with login data, specifically around academic program planning engagement. The report's primary purpose is to highlight planning activity by academic program, detailed by the user, so that an institution can understand Degree Map usage by different academic areas for the initial planning component. The report will have the following fields:

The date that has at least 1 login for the user accessing Degree Map.
Student/User ID
The student or user (advisor or admin) ID that is used for Degree Map.
The Academic Program mapping (mapped via deployment)
Login Role
Advisor, student, or administrator identification
First Name
User's first name
Last Name
User's last name
Login Email
User's email used for Degree Map
Number of Logins
Number of logins per day (date specified in the first column). This will show the total count of logins for that user, for that date.
Number of Courses Added to Plan
Number of courses planned for that academic program as a whole. At this time, this is an aggregate for planned courses by academic program until we can deliver more detailed information as needed.

Degree Map Report Example

If an advisor or admin user plans courses for multiple academic programs, that activity will be broken out into separate lines so that it is easier to sum the planning data versus the login data. For example, if an advisor logs in one time (one session) and plans 2 courses for a student in the College of Natural Sciences and 3 courses for a student with a plan in the College of Engineering, the report will contain two separate entries for only one session or login event.

Screen Reader Accessibility

Users now have the ability to use a screen reader to navigate Degree Map.

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