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Powerful Predictors Just Got Even More Powerful

Product Update -    Released On - 09/14/18

Powerful Predictors just got even more powerful

Powerful Predictors are now more approachable and accessible. Here are the major changes you can expect to see:

  • Addition of Powerful Predictor categories – easily see and filter down to what kinds of Powerful Predictors have most impacted persistence for your students historically, such as "Academic Progress" or "Enrollment" behaviors. 

  • A curated list of Powerful Predictors – the list of Powerful Predictors that present in the application has been carefully curated to include only the most actionable and usable predictors. (No changes have been made to your prediction model, only to the way Powerful Predictors present in the application)

  • New help text – help text now describes Powerful Predictors in simple terms, ensuring greater adoption and easier understanding for new or casual users. Specifically, the chart now reads, "Powerful Predictors use historical data to show what variables are important to persistence for this group of students." Within the chart, help text now lays out how many historical terms were sampled, and on which day those terms were sampled. By selecting  "More Info" your users can now quickly see a sample of which terms were used to build the Powerful Predictor in question.

  • Accessibility improvements to charts – as part of our commitment to Accessibility at Civitas, we've made changes to the chart colors and have added icons, so that users don't have to rely on color alone to read the chart.


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