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Degree Map Product Overview

Product Overview

Degree Map simplifies and personalizes the degree planning process for students and advisors. By centralizing crucial information needed to develop an effective degree plan, Degree Map empowers students to become active participants in planning their paths towards degree completion.
Students can use Degree Map to:

  • Create and manage a term-by-term personalized pathway that aligns with courses in their degree plan.

  • Track progress towards achieving their degree pathway goals.

  • Understand how degree and career path decisions have an impact on overall degree progress.

Advisors can use Degree Map to:

  • Serve as a resource in the degree planning process.

  • Have deeper and more personalized conversations with the students they serve.

Key Functionality

There are four main pages within Degree Map including Profile, Degree Progress, Explore Degrees, and Explore Careers. 

With Degree Map, advisors and students will be able to:

  • Create a personalized pathway with courses that meet degree requirements.
  • See and track all estimated degree progress and requirements based on which ones are remaining, planned, registered or completed.
  • Filter remaining degree requirements to plan courses for upcoming terms, creating a clear path to graduation or transfer. 
  • Explore degree plans that most closely align with the credits the student has already earned, or search for any degree plan of interest and see how earned credits align.
  • Set an educational goal to help the student stay invested in his or her academic career.
  • Explore local, regional, and national career opportunities that best align to his or her field of interest. This includes information such as summary of job demand, salary overview, required skills, and potential job opportunities for this career.

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