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Getting Started with Degree Map

Access the Application

Depending on your institution, you will either receive a unique link to access Degree Map or it will be integrated into an existing system. Whenever your implementation is completed, you will receive the necessary login information for your institution via email.

Search for a Student

  1. Use the Student Search bar surfaced after application login to search for a specific student. (Tip: After navigating away from this page, search for a new student using the student search bar located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.)

  1. Type any part of a student’s identifying criteria, such as last name, first name, student ID, or email address to return results. Nicknames or any information not on file with the institution will typically not return correct results, as Degree Map relies on data from your Student Information System (SIS).

Navigating Degree Map

There are four main pages within Degree Map: 

  1. Profile
  2. Degree Progress
  3. Explore Degrees
  4. ExploreCareers


Profile uses degree trackers to display progress towards estimated degree completion and provides an overview of student personal and academic information, advisor information, and course history.

Degree Progress

Degree Progress provides a comprehensive list of degree requirements and makes it simple to select and plan courses for future terms.

Explore Degrees

Explore Degrees empowers students to run “what if” scenarios, allowing them to see how earned credits apply to majors, minors, and certificates at your institution.

Explore Careers

Explore Careers helps students identify career opportunities that best match their declared degree and answers the question, “What can I do with this major?” Students can find a summary of the job demand, required skills, salary overview, and potential job opportunities for a career. 

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