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Nudge Students to Degree Map


Nudges are small pushes in the right direction that do not require prescribed actions, but encourage certain behaviors. When students are presented with a nudge sent from a trusted person at your institution, they have the freedom to make their own choices with information about behaviors we know are more strongly associated with positive persistence and graduation outcomes.


Term-to-term, there are opportunities to nudge specific student groups to Degree Map. Consider how encouraging specific actions like setting goals or planning degrees may help these students be successful. Below are a few examples to help get you started. 


  • Students beginning major coursework
  • Students new to the institution 
  • Undecided, first-time in college students

Copy, paste, and send the messages below to nudge specific student groups to use Degree Map. 

Student Group: Students beginning major coursework
Subject Line: How are you feeling about your degree?

Dear [Student First Name],

As you begin your major coursework, you may begin to feel unsure if you’re on the right path. Know that you’re not alone and that it’s good to reflect on these thoughts. If you’re considering changing your degree, I’m here to help you develop a plan helps you achieve your goals.

Login to Degree Map today [insert hyperlink] and check out “compare” on the Explore Degrees page. This feature allows you to see how your earned credits apply to other degree options and may spark ideas for alternative paths.

Send me an email with the 3 that interest you the most and we’ll discuss them during your next advising appointment.


Student Group: Students new to the institution
Subject Line: What do you want to accomplish at [institution name]?

Dear [Student First Name],

Think about why you came to [institution name]. What do you want to accomplish during your time here? As your advisor, I want to help guide you on the path towards completing your goals.

To do that, it’s important for you to develop a plan.Before the end of the week, login to Degree Map [insert hyperlink] and check out your Profile page. In the section titled Personal, set your educational and career goals.

I’m excited to help you reach your goals!


Student Group: Undecided, FTIC
Subject Line: It’s all about knowing your options

Dear [Student First Name],

[Institution name] offers a variety of programs to help you reach your career goals. One way to learn more about these programs is to check out your Degree Map.

Degree Map allows you to explore your all of your options at [institution name], while considering the coursework you’ve already completed. Login to Degree Map today [insert hyperlink] and find some degrees that interest you.Email me back with your top 3 choices and we’ll discuss them during your next advising appointment.

I look forward to meeting with you!  


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