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Getting Started with Inspire for Faculty

What is Inspire for Faculty? 

Inspire for Faculty is a tool that is fully-integrated into your classroom that gives you insightful information about your students' level of engagement! Each student has a unique engagement score that moves with them to reflect their activity in their course. Populated in an easy-to navigate platform, Inspire for Faculty also provides important student information, data comparison points, and an email communication tool. The email communication tool allows faculty to easily “nudge” students by providing resources, motivating, or checking in.

Why is it important?

Inspire for Faculty is important as it gives faculty a tool unlike anything ever available before. Inspire gives faculty unique information about each student that would otherwise not be available. This allows faculty members to take even more informed actions (nudging), supporting students at the right time with the right resources. Check out 10 Things You Can Do With Inspire for Faculty! to bring insight to your classroom!

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