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Austin Community College: Simplifying the Application-to-Registration Experience

Austin Community College began their Pathways work by rebuilding the doorway into the institution. Speakers will explain how they rolled out a redesign of their enrollment process—from application to registration. They’ll discuss the important role of collaboration with faculty and advisors, and how they integrated Degree Map to give students agency to encourage degree planning conversations from the beginning of the first semester.

Watch the Webinar to Learn how Austin Community College has:

  1. Redesigned the enrollment process—from application to registration
  2. Restructured 300+ degree programs into 10 areas of study to balance the need for structure and the need or exploration in education
  3. Increased capacity by giving students agency and optimizing advisor resources to provide support to students who need it most
  4. Integrating pathways solutions to enable students to explore college and career options, and take action on their academic plans

Click here to download the Learning Brief

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