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University of South Florida: Designing and Implementing Outreach Across the Student Journey

Speakers including the University of South Florida discuss how institutions can improve outcomes by empowering students — as well as the advisors, staff and administrators who support them — with the right signals to guide decision-making along their journey; and leveraging strong and early signals to identify students who might be at risk, know when to engage, and scale personalized support to every student who needs it.

Watch the webinar where we discuss:

  • Shifts in higher education that have changed the kinds of decisions students have to make as they navigate educational paths, creating a need for new approaches to support their decision-making process.
  • Avoiding performance plateaus and how institutions can achieve dramatic improvements in outcomes by supporting students with precision — identifying the right students and designing the right engagement to nudge them along the path.
  • How simple nudges lead to impact. We'll share a checklist to help you design effective nudges that motivate students and improve outcomes.



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