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Lone Star College: 2.7%pp increase in Full-time Enrollment with Timely Nudge to High Probability, Part-Time Students

Using Illume® Students, Lone Star found that full-time students at have a persistence rate that is 16 percentage points (%pp) higher than their part-time counterparts. The Data Team at the LSC-Montgomery campus uncovered 1,157 students who were receiving financial aid and were highly likely to persist, and yet were only enrolled part time. 

Students in this group received emails from the VP of Student Success, encouraging them to enroll full-time and offering guidance on how to do so. Impact analysis using prediction-based propensity score matching (PPSM) measured a 2.7 percentage point (%pp) increase in full-time enrollment for non-FTIC, part-time students who received these nudges. Further analysis showed that the lift was higher (3.4%pp) for students early in their journey at Lone Star (1-3 terms) than for the overall population of part-time students receiving financial aid and highly likely to succeed. 

These efforts have yielded big gains for Lone Star, with the Montgomery campus reporting a 31% increase in full-time enrollment in the last year. Having an agile approach to launching student outreach campaigns and the ability to measure their impact quickly is enabling campus leaders to have productive conversations, collaborate, build out successful strategies and replicate effective models across the college. Lone Star has rolled out Civitas Learning’s Inspire application to move this work to the front lines, where faculty and advisors can use predictions and information at the student level to provide more personalized support.

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