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Montgomery County CC: 6.2%pp Lift in Persistence for Students Using Tutoring Services

Montgomery County Community College (MC3) is a public community college serving more than 25,000 students. Their ongoing student success initiatives include work with Achieving the Dream (ATD) to improve completion rates by supporting advisors and faculty with evidence-based practices, offering courses to teach student success strategies to underprepared students, redesigning DevEd courses, and more.

Historically, MC3 had looked at minority and financial aid students for signs of risk. However, their data showed that financial aid was not improving success likelihoods and the achievement gap was not significant among different ethnic groups. As part of strategic planning and their ongoing ATD and iPASS grant work, MC3 wanted to be more surgical -- pinpointing what’s influencing student risk and empowering broad stakeholder groups to drive initiatives.

Illume Students showed that part-time students at MC3 had a persistence rate 13.5 percentage points (%pp) lower than their full-time counterparts. To help more of their students succeed, one of MC3’s largest initiatives is free tutoring. Impact applied predictive-based propensity score matching (PPSM), to match 4,500 student to measure the efficacy of this service. Impact analysis showed a 6.2%pp lift in persistence for students overall who used tutoring from Summer 2014 to Fall 2016. That's 279 additional students who persisted beyond those terms who would not have otherwise. The lift was even greater for new students (9.8%pp), first-time students (8.5%pp) and for students with highest probability to persist (9.1%pp).

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