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ClearScholar Product Overview

ClearScholar enables our customers to deliver content, reminders, and tools aligned to the needs and preferences of each student and persona to provide a truly personalized experience, meeting students where they are to positively impact student success.

With our student mobile application, you can:

  • Help Students Manage Critical Tasks
    Utilize Announcements and mobile nudges so students can easily manage the list of tasks they need to complete and navigate key milestones and tasks term over term.

  • Build Greater Sense of Belonging
    Help students quickly develop a sense of belonging at your institution by promoting relevant resources and activities based on student-specific attributes. Personalize the content delivered to students including in-app nudges and push notifications that evolve as students advance through their degree program.

  • Foster Engagement Throughout Lifecycle
    Data tells a story and students today expect their mobile applications to reflect their story. Leverage mobile behavior data to deliver the right message to the right students, ensuring relevant resources and activities are promoted at each phase of the journey.

Key Functionality

Use ClearScholar to:

  • Optimize Content Delivery
    Map content to specific personas and student attributes to ensure that students see the most meaningful content for them. Choose from four unique content types: events, announcements, polls, and notifications to engage students.

  • Personalize Communication
    Create personas based on specific student attributes, including course information, demographics, interests, event attendance, business transactions and more. Students can fall into multiple personas ensuring they receive holistic and personalized support according to their interests and circumstances.

  • Promote Resources
    Provide students with an easy on-ramp and increase utilization of important university assets and resources. Previously hard-to-find or unknown resources are now in the palm of the student's hand.

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