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Getting Started with ClearScholar

Access the Application

When your deployment is completed, you will receive a link to access the ClearScholar Admin Portal, as well as a link to the mobile application in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If your institution uses Single Sign-on, ClearScholar may be configured to work with those credentials. 

Navigating the ClearScholar Admin Portal

The ClearScholar Admin Portal is comprised of five main tabs: 

  1. Create
  2. Analyze
  3. Edit Content
  4. Configure
  5. Account 


  1. Choose which type of content you would like to create: Announcement, Poll, Notification, or Event
  2. Fill out the necessary information for the relevant content type.
  3. Choose to Schedule or Publish Now.
  4. Target to relevant Personas or send to All Users.
  5. Hit Publish to complete the content creation.


  1. Understand how many users have downloaded the mobile application and are utilizing day to day.
  2. Gain a quick pulse of how much content Admins are creating.
  3. See a glance of other relevant user metrics.

Edit Content

  1. Access published Announcements, Polls, Events, and Notifications.
  2. Check how many users have answered a poll or opened other types of content.
  3. Edit or duplicate existing content. 


  1. Easily manage your mobile app’s organization and integrations.
  2. Ability to configure Posts, RSS, Social, Personas, Categories, and More Tab.
  3. Visit the Configuration Tab guide to learn more about these configurations.


  1. Manage existing Admins and add new Admins.

  2. Grant Admins mobile application permission through the Students tab.

  3. Create new Permission settings and roles.

Navigating the ClearScholar Mobile Application

The standard deployment of the ClearScholar mobile application has five main tabs. If your institution had customizations implemented during deployment, it may not match the following organization.

Mobile Application Tabs

  1. Feed
  2. Events
  3. Profile / Student ID
  4. Classes 
  5. More Tab


  1. Access your personalized For You section, displaying the Polls and Announcements sent to all users and to personas to which you belong.

  2. Read content from the RSS Feeds and Twitter accounts.

  3. Toggle Categories on and off to create an even more personalized Feed.


  1. View Events Happening Today, Upcoming, or This Weekend, as well as by Category.

  2. View detailed event information and add events to your calendar.

  3. Access your calendar to see upcoming events and classes.

Profile / Student ID

  1. Access your Digital Student ID (if enabled during deployment).

  2. View your Advisor and quickly contact them via phone or email.

  3. View dining plan and balances (if enabled during deployment).

  4. Access your Settings and Notifications inbox.


  1. View current Class Schedule.

  2. See detailed information on each class, including Professor, Days and Times, and Location.

More Tab

  1. Easily access a variety of campus resources.

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