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Marketing the Mobile Application

Many of these are ideas to create upfront excitement about the new mobile application. For ongoing adoption, it is critical to make ClearScholar a piece of new student orientation and Welcome Week, creating an early habit and a natural way for the university to invite new students to the application on an annual basis.

Ideas to Make Student Adoption Successful 


  • We recommend sending 3-5 emails over the first two months.

  • Try different subject lines and emails to see which is most successful.

Creating a Text Marketing strategy

  • Use a service such as Simpletexting to create an easy ‘text for link to download the app’ message. This is particularly useful for posters and other non-digital marketing efforts, allowing students to still easily access the link to the app store to download.

  • Example: Text ‘XXXX’ to 555888 to download the App!

Promoting the app on social

  • Utilize the most popular social media outlets at your school to get the word out about the mobile application.

  • Social media is one of the most effective ways to get information to students. Sharing download information to channels already frequented by students is a quick and easy way to get everyone engaged with the application.
  • We recommend using channels with high student engagement and student facilitated channels such as student government, campus dining, or campus recreation.

Promoting the app on campus

  • To encourage student use of the app on your campus, it is important to consider where the app will be most useful to them on campus and target on campus promotions to those locations.

  • For example: If your app can be utilized at a campus coffee shop or gym, signage at these locations encouraging the use of the app is helpful..

Residence Hall Competition

  • Have Residence Halls compete to see who can gain the highest adoption, and potentially award the winning hall with a prize.

Incorporating the app into Events on campus

  • Requiring students to ‘scan’ into the event utilizing their Digital Student ID or simply by showing they’ve downloaded the app.

  • Sending a poll during the Event and encouraging attendees to respond for real-time feedback. 

Offering incentives to students during first week or month of launch

  • For example, students who use their digital ID on the app to sign into the gym would gain some type of reward or incentive. This is a great way to get them using the app habitually.

Handing out cookies and / or swag on campus

  • We have seen water bottles, backpacks, stickers, t-shirts, and umbrellas.

Promoting to New Students

  • Include 'Download the App' in new student preparation emails
  • Promote the mobile application at new student orientation

Website Presence

  • Add a website page or advertisement for the mobile application on your university website
  • Include a link to the mobile application on other popular student web resources

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