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Content Guide

Types of Content

Feed Page

  • Announcements are meant to alert students of ongoings or news around campus or to nudge them to a certain action or behavior. The ability to add a link makes them great for anything that requires a call to action. Announcements are typically the most common type of content posted.
    • Example: Visit the Career Office to prepare for the upcoming career fairs. Provide a call to action to schedule an appointment.
    • Example: A unique campus event is being held in the next few days.
  • Polls are used to gauge students interest or satisfaction around campus or to nudge students towards a thoughtful mindset.
    • Example: An Admin is planning an event and wants to know if students would prefer bowling or skating.
    • Example: An Admin is creating a new campus resource and needs to know where students typically buy their textbooks.
    • Example: An Admin wants to create belonging and sense of belief, utilizing growth mindset (I.E. As you reflect back on semester, who do you most want to thank and what exactly would you thank them for?)

Events Page

  • Events are used to add any campus events or activities. Events can be manually created as well as automatically pulled in via RSS Feed. Persona-driven Events will appear on both the For You section of the Feed tab as well as on the Events tab. Events sent to all users will only appear on the Events tab.

    • Example: Universities can use Events to publish the Athletics calendar.

    • Example: A student organization is holding a philanthropy event.


  • Notifications are high priority announcements. These will alert the students immediately via a push notification (in the case the student has push notifications turned on). Notifications can also integrate to campus emergency systems.

    • Example: Tomorrow is the last day to submit financial aid applications.

    • Example: Sending a Happy New Year note to all students.

Content Ideas & Examples


  • Annual/Semester Milestones

    • Tuition Due Upcoming

    • Midterms Coming Up

    • Finals

    • End of Semester

      • Don’t forget you can register for classes until X date

      • Details for graduation ceremonies

      • Don’t forget Residence Halls close on X date

      • Alternate meal plan available over break

    • Breaks (Fall, Winter, Spring, MLK, etc)

      • Don’t forget Res Halls open on X date

      • Don’t forget to connect any new gadgets to wifi

  • Important Event Updates

    • Where You Can/Can’t Park on Game Day

    • Homecoming Weekend

    • Parents’ Weekend

    • What You Can/Can’t Bring to the Concert

  • Campus Surveys

    • Promote and link to surveys


  • Last-Minute Changes of Location

  • Emergency Updates

  • Last Minute Reminders

    • Tuition is Due Today

    • Last Day to Pick up Graduation Gowns

    • Class Registration ends tonight at midnight

    • FAFSA Deadline

  • Growth Mindset / Nudging


  • Campus Experience (Private Responses)

    • How is Wifi working

    • Rate the cafeteria food

    • Are textbooks affordable

  • Student Happiness (Private Responses)

    • Are you satisfied with your major

    • Are you satisfied with your grades

    • Are you involved in a student group/organization

    • Do you feel like you fit in here

  • Engagement

    • How many hours a week do you study

    • How many events do you go to a week

    • How excited are you for X event

    • How do you spend your weekends

  • Time Sensitive

    • Finals

      • How can you best prepare for finals week

    • Winter Breaks

      • What distance are you traveling over winter break

        • <50, 100-250, 250-500, 500-1000, >1000

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