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Admin Overview

 Role of an Admin

Admins play an integral role in the success of ClearScholar at their school. Admins are responsible for not only curating and creating content, but also controlling the cadence, timing, and flow of content into the Mobile App. Admins can be faculty, staff, or students. It is important to have Admins from a variety of campus resources and departments in order to keep the mobile app representative of the school as a whole. 

 Who Should be an Admin

The partner university will determine during deployment who should be Admins (content creators) of ClearScholar and determine each Admins’ level of permissions. Admins can be faculty, staff, or students and should represent a diverse set of campus resources and departments. Having a diverse set of Admins creates a Mobile App that truly embodies its school. 

Admins can include, but are not limited to, the following types of roles and departments:

  • Marketing
  • Advising
  • Student Success
  • Career Office
  • Student Government
  • Dining
  • Bookstore 
  • Intramurals
  • Gym / Fitness Center
  • Library
  • Cultural Centers

It is important to consider that the content will be primarily delivered to students, so Admins should have relevant content in which students are interested. Student Services, Dining, Libraries, Bookstore, Athletics, Intramurals, and Student Organizations are a great place to start. Every school is unique, so it is recommended to make a list that is comprehensive for each individual campus. 


Utilizing Student Interns is a great way to keep the voice of the student in the content. Some schools will create a unique Student Intern position to help manage and create content, while others will utilize current Student Interns from a range of departments.

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