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Overview of Outreach Integration

You can streamline outreach initiatives with the Civitas Learning Bulk Outreach Extract API. The Bulk Outreach Extract API allows you to programmatically retrieve outreach data from Civitas applications in an ongoing manner.

This includes outreach efforts initiated in these applications: 

  • Illume Students
  • Inspire for Advisors
  • Inspire for Faculty

You can use this API to integrate outreach data with third-party systems. For example, you may:

  • Add it to a centralized system, to coordinate communications across campus 

  • Connect it to a CRM (such as Salesforce), to prevent users from having to double-log outreach

How does it work?

The API works by creating a pipeline between Civitas’ database and a secure message queue where you can retrieve all of your outreach data, executed from Civitas applications:

  • Email campaigns
  • Nudge campaigns

This data is available in the queue within minutes of being sent from an application. By developing a client queue, you can pull message data from the queue environment and use this data in a way that works best for your institution.

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