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Getting Started

Step 1: Before you can access the queue, you will need to provide us with a list of whitelist IP addresses. Send this information to Trey Kerrigan (trey.kerrigan@civitaslearning.com) to get started. Once we have received the IP addresses, we will: 

  • setup a staging queue with sample message data,

  • provide you with a url for the queue, 

  • provide you with a username and password to access your account, and 

  • provide you with the name of the queue to retrieve your data. 

Note: We can whitelist more than one IP address and we can whitelist IP ranges, within reason.

Step 2: Once you are able to connect to the queue, you will need to develop a client to consume your message data. For information on how to create a client of the queue, reference the Amazon-mq documentation. Details about Civitas message format and examples of outreach properties are available beginning on page 2. 

Step 3: Use the staging queue to validate that your client is consuming messages. Each message can only be retrieved once from the message queue. After a message has been retrieved from the queue, it cannot be retrieved again as it no longer exists in the queue environment. 

Step 4: Once your client has been validated in the staging environment, contact Trey Kerrigan (trey.kerrigan@civitaslearning.com) to turn on your queue in production. 

  Click here to download a copy of the Outreach Extract Service Guide

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