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Feature Guide: Add Columns by Category

To discover helpful data and add it to your student list efficiently, take advantage of the quick-select categories provided when you search on columns to add. Keep in mind:

  • You can always search for the column by name, in the search box.
  • Note the scrollbar: there are many categories, so scroll down to explore them all.
  • Use columns to filter students in and out of your list: you can choose to include or exclude students, based on that column's value.

To add columns by category

  1. Open a Student List and select the Add Column (plus sign) button.
  2. Scan the list of categories, and scroll to see ones farther down, such as Financial Aid.
  3. Click an arrow to expand a category, such as Frequently Used, and check the boxes for the columns you want to add.
  4. Select Apply Changes to add it to the student list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Frequently Used specific to us, or general to every institution?

  • These are most commonly used across the entire Civitas Learning customer community.

What students are included when I select Withdrawn From All Courses This Term?

  • These are the students who have a W (or equivalent) for all enrollments past the census date (typically the 14th day of the term).

How is Expected to Graduate This Term determined?

  • This value is mapped directly from your institution’s data source.

Why can't I see Withdrawn From All Courses This Term or Expected to Graduate This Term to add to my student list?

  • This data may not be mapped for your institution. Contact your Civitas team to determine if the data is mapped.

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