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The Science Behind Engagement Opportunities

What are Engagement Opportunities?

An opportunity is a data-inspired insight that represents circumstances that have shown to be predictive (influential) of a student’s likelihood to persist (or succeed), and where they may benefit from engaging with a supporter, in this case, an academic advisor.

Each Engagement Opportunity: 

  • Identifies students who previously would not be surfaced without a more precise, data-informed understanding of the influencers of success. 

  • Illustrates a current gap in student outcomes that may be improved through action.

  • Provides additional context around the factors that impact student success. 

  • Equips advisors with multiple channels for intervening on behalf of the student directly from within the application.

How did we determine which engagement opportunities were included?

Engagement Opportunities have been developed based on our Student Success Intelligence Platform and research across our partners and 23 million student records. We’ve taken the time to investigate the multiple factors that are related to one another when tackling student persistence.

How does the engagement opportunities functionality work? 

Inspire matches students to opportunities by automatically surfacing data points without additional filtering.

  • We identify multiple factors around students that are predictive of their likelihood to succeed

  • We surface students if/when they match those multiple factors via a set of criteria and provide you contextual metrics so you can take action with supporting that student.

Engagement opportunities help with:

  • Focus and proactive outreach to students that can benefit from your support. 

  • Creating space to practice professionalism and creatively problem solve because you have context to what’s happening.

  • Being more actionable and knowing the next step. It’s not a mental lift. Helping you complete the joyful work of advising more effectively.

  • Mindset and strategies around communication with students: 1:1, 1:many, resources on campus for referral points.

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