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Addressing an Opportunity: How to & General Strategies

How to Address an Engagement Opportunity

There are three ways to address an Engagement Opportunity. You can do this by:

  1. Sending a message
  2. Scheduling an advising appointment 
  3. Creating an advising note

In each case, locate the dropdown titled Engagement Opportunity and select a matched opportunity to address before completing the task.

General Strategies for Addressing an Engagement Opportunity

Inspire provides you with a number of tools for responding to engagement opportunities directly from within the application. Use the strategies below to appropriately and effectively address an Engagement Opportunity using one-to-one or one-to-many communication or by referring a student to a resource. 

Send a message 

Whether it’s to a group of students or an individual, sending a message can be a powerful but quick way to address students matched to an engagement opportunity. Try including helpful attachments and a call-to-action to encourage students towards a positive behavioral change. 

Invite students to attend an event

Your institution has a variety of support activities already in place for students, such as orientation sessions and student clubs. Ask students to signup, attend, and participate in one of these events or activities using Inspire’s Events feature. This also has the benefit of not requiring any additional resources to support students beyond what is already allocated.

Schedule an advising appointment

Ask students to schedule an appointment with someone in their academic support network. This response may be especially impactful for students in need of acute intervention such as students with multiple alerts/opportunities or students who have yet to meet with their advisor. Asking students to schedule an appointment or visit an advisor, faculty, success coach, mentor, or academic support center requires the capacity to handle the influx of students wanting to utilize those resources. This is especially important to consider when using this utilizing this strategy with a large student group.

Share a resource from your Inspire Advising Library

Your institution has resources available to support students throughout their academic journey. You may also know of resources outside your institution that would be helpful for certain student groups. Provide a link to a resource related to the purpose of the engagement opportunity. This leverages existing resources without requiring additional time or new initiatives.

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