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Navigating Engagement Opportunities in Inspire


Access an overview of engagement opportunities using the Engage widget on the main dashboard. The widget displays up-to-date information about the active number of opportunities and the number of students matched to an opportunity. Click See All Opportunities from the Engage widget or select Engagement Opportunities from the left-side navigation. 

By default all active Engagement Opportunities are displayed on cards. Each card shows the name of the Engagement Opportunity, the number of students matched to the opportunity, and the number of opportunities that have not yet been addressed. Toggle to Individual Students to see Engagement Opportunities grouped by students. 

This view displays a student tile for each student matched to an Engagement Opportunity. Student tiles show the student’s name, degree program, number of matched engagement opportunities, persistence prediction, and a description of each opportunity.

Sort-by options enable you to rearrange tiles from very low to very high (or vice versa) based on the number of engagement opportunities or the student’s persistence prediction. Likewise, filter by persistence prediction enables you to narrow down the number of student tiles based on the selected criteria. Click on a student tile to open the student's profile page in a new window and review matched engagement opportunities, matched date, and the status of the opportunity.


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