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Header Design Updates

Product Update -    Released On - 03/22/19

Changes to the Degree Progress Header were made to make better use of the available screen real-estate. Part of the design update included removing the institution logo from the degree progress header and enabling institutions to add their logo to the menu header

In addition to this change, Overall Degree Progress and Progress by Program has been shifted to the left and Student name and ID are now listed above the progress header. 

Two new fields have been added to the Degree Progress header including the Requirements total count which appears beneath the Overall Degree Progress wheel and the Learn About Requirements link, which students can read to gain a better understanding of their progress towards their degree. By default requirements will state:

“Requirements are a set of benchmarks that include some combination of courses, credits, minimum GPA, and other conditions needed to complete a degree.” 

This message can be customized, but must be done by the institution's Customer Success Manager.

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