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See Illume Outreach in Inspire for Faculty

Civitas Learning’s ecosystem of applications are intended to help higher eduction institutions use data to support decision making for increasing student success outcomes. Stakeholders across higher education organizations need information about what outreach students are receiving. Cross-campus communication and collaboration are crucial to creating a supportive student environment that leads to increased persistence and graduation. 

To help our customers create this kind of environment, we have developed the ability to show outreach sent through Illume in Inspire for Advisors and Inspire for Faculty. This new functionality allows advisors and faculty see communications sent to their students through Illume so they have more information about what outreach strategies have used with their students. They can then tailor their own outreach or support strategies with this in mind.

To view outreach sent through Illume in Inspire for Faculty:

Navigate to a student profile page and scroll to the bottom of the page to see Outreach History.

Outreaches labeled Campaign in the Outreach Type column have been sent through Illume.

Click an Outreach with the Campaign outreach type. You will see the Nudge Campaign Name and Nudge Campaign Context.

Click View Email Content to view the content of the outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is this helpful to me as an advisor or faculty member, and what can I do with this information?

This information is intended to give you a more complete picture of the outreach and support being given to a student. You can using this information to coordinate student support with other stakeholders across your organization.  For example, knowing that a student has received outreach about registering for next term, you may decide to reinforce that message through your own email outreach or one-on-one conversations with a student. Or, you may choose to focus on other topics to ensure other areas of support a student needs are addressed.

Can Illume users see outreach sent through Inspire for Faculty or Inspire for Advisors?

No. Outreach sent through Inspire for Faculty and Inspire for Advisors cannot be seen in Illume.

Can this functionality be turned on for certain Inspire for Faculty or Inspire for Advisors users and not others?

No. This functionality can only be turned on or off for all users of Inspire for Faculty or all users of Inspire for Advisors.

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