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Persona Creation & Management

Personas can be created in the Admin Portal via the ‘Configure’ tab. 

Personas can be configured by selecting any number of attributes and choosing values within that attribute. To create a new persona, click on the ‘+’ on the upper right hand corner of the screen. Write a Name and Description for the persona.

Click Next, and add any attributes that you’d like to include in this persona. Use the search to easily find attributes or the toggle to switch between attribute types. Check mark the attributes you’d like to include, then click ‘Add’. 

Once you’ve selected your attributes, select the values within the attribute to limit the number of students and create a persona inclusive of the desired group. Notice the number of students in this persona change as the attributes selected and values within those attributes change. Once set, click Next.

Admins have the option to prioritize any categories for this persona. Prioritizing categories determines what category will be more likely to appear first and be the most important for this particular persona. All categories will still appear for the persona, some will simply be prioritized if selected. Click Publish to complete.

Personas are dynamic student groups and update as the student data we receive updates. This means a student will move in and out of personas as their data changes. Some personas, such as ‘Student Level’, may only chance once a year, as students progress from first year, sophomore, junior and senior. Other personas, such as ‘Hold’, may chance more frequently, as holds on students’ accounts are added or removed.

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