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Product Innovation Series: What's New [Spring 2019 Edition]

The Civitas Learning team highlights the most recent functionality across all products, along with tips to help you get the most out your tools.

Whether you are a new user or a seasoned expert — watch the video to hear about the latest updates and click below to find product resources designed to help you take action with these new features, and to join fellow Civitas Learning institutions in discussions about best practices to help more of your students succeed. 

Watch Time: 4 minutes

Develop Strategies for Managing Persistence


Enhancements Around Powerful Predictors

We have made enhancements around Powerful Predictors in Illume to help student success leaders and practitioners find unseen patterns around the factors that are significantly impacting your students’ likelihood to persist.

Measuring the Efficacy of Initiatives


Avoid Errors when Analyzing initiative impact

Institutional research and decision support teams may sometimes run into large calibration errors in an Impact analysis, which could indicate inaccurate results. Now users will see a warning message on the initiative detail page so that it’s easier to catch those errors and provide the ability to verify results.

Holistic Advising & Educator Collaboration

Inspire for Advisors & Inspire for Faculty

See Nudges Sent to Students from Illume

Implementing  effective student success strategies realistically requires coordination and visibility between key stakeholders who are interacting with students. We have introduced the ability in Inspire for Advisors and Inspire for Faculty for educators to see nudges sent to students in their caseloads or sections from administration or leaders in Illume.


Persistence Predictions Now Available

Advisors, student support personnel, and success coaches use knowledge about their  students to identify the best way to help them on a daily basis. Inspire users now have access to a persistence prediction - an advanced signal of the likelihood of each of your students to stay enrolled at your institution.

Student Engagement


Personalize Content Feeds for Student Personas 

People engage when they see something that is relevant to them based on their interests or when they’re trying to accomplish a specific task- especially students. In ClearScholar, we have introduced the ability to populate RSS and social feeds based on personas so that you can increase the level of personalization you’re creating for your students. 

College Scheduler

Search for Open Educational Resources In-App

Institutions are constantly trying to address challenges around affordability of higher education and student’s ability to make effective financial choices to reach their goals. We have introduced the ability to filter for courses that offer Open Educational Resources as students build out schedules in College Scheduler.

Degree Map

Courses & Requirements Information to Enhance Planning

A big part of making the academic planning process more productive and successful is ensuring students and advisors have the relevant information consolidated and accessible in one place as they’re making decisions. We have made enhancements in Degree Map to surface the most up-to-date information about courses, planning processes or requirements. 

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