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Students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher who are less likely to persist

These are students in good academic standing who are less likely to persist into the next term compared to the typical student at your institution. It could indicate they are off track for their major area of study or degree program or might benefit from support based on their academic journey or personal circumstances.

Contextual Metrics

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Credits earned (cumulative)
  • Expected Graduation term
  • Institution tipping point value*
  • Major
  • Last Outreach
  • Addressed Status

Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

Having a high GPA is often a signal that students are on track for success. However, students often leave school for non-academic reasons such as financial, logistical, and social-psychological. Take action by guiding students to behaviors that will aid in their success within the current term, and persistence into the next term.

Group Outreach 

From the student list, use the message tool to: 

  • Send an encouraging note to students in this group 
  • Remind students of social and financial resources available to them 
  • Invite students to discuss concerns they may have about the current or upcoming term
  • Praise students for their academic achievement and progress towards degree completion 

Resource Referral 

Remind students about the various resources they have available to them. Attach (from the advising resource library) or include links to information that may serve as a good starting place for learning about these resources.

One-to-One Outreach

Students in good academic standing that are further away from the tipping point may benefit from more direct intervention. Consider inviting this student in for an advising appointment to discuss their academic progress and plans for the next term.

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