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Part-time students who could benefit from taking one more course

These are part-time students who are doing well academically and could consider taking an additional course as a way to achieve their degree faster. It could be an opportunity to discuss their academic goals, personalize their plan, and help them select the appropriate course.

Contextual Metrics

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Credits earned (cumulative)
  • Number of credits enrolled
  • Major
  • Last Outreach
  • Addressed Status

Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

For many students, taking one more course may increase their likelihood to persist. Students that are already performing well academically and either part-time or taking a light full-time load may be the kind of student that could benefit from taking one more course.  

Group Outreach

  • Create an announcement encouraging students to take one more course.
  • Host a registration event for part-time students focused on getting to graduation faster.
  • Create appointment blocks reserved for students matched to this opportunity.

Resource Referral 

  • Send students financial aid information that may support them in affording the cost of one more course.
  • Share promotional materials that describe avenues for getting to graduation faster.

One-to-One Outreach 

  • Complete a call campaign focused on time to completion.
  • Invite students in for an advising appointment (pending the availability of your schedule) to talk through their degree plan and time to graduation.

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