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New transfer students who have not met with their advisor

These are incoming transfer students who have not scheduled an appointment or met with an advisor before the start of their first term. It could be an opportunity to discuss their academic goals and plan.

Contextual Metrics

  • Number of transfer credits (admissions data)
  • Number of courses transferred (admissions data)
  • Transfer GPA
  • Major
  • Last Outreach 
  • Addressed Status

Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

Incoming transfer students often have very specific goals that they would like to accomplish and enter with concerns that typically differ from a traditional student. Things like upper level course availability, applicability of transferred course work and transfer centric resources are important to the success and persistence of this student group. This opportunity surfaces students who have yet to schedule or meet with an advisor before the start of their first term that can benefit from advisor-led communications.

Group Outreach 

  • Send a message to all students matched in this group and invite them for transfer specific advising appointments. Consider making these appointments available in multiple modalities to accommodate the schedule needs of a typical transfer population. 
  • If there are items that can be addressed in small-large groups, consider hosting an event for a group advising session. 

Resource Referral 

  • Add transfer specific resources to your advising resource library. Share these resources through Inspire and include an invitation to schedule an advising appointment.  

One-to-One Outreach

  • For students that have transferred a high number of coursework, utilize high media approaches like face to face appointments or phone-calls to discuss their unique situations.

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