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First time in college students who have not met with their advisor

These are students entering their first term in college who have not scheduled an appointment or met with an advisor before the start of their first term. It could be an opportunity to discuss their academic goals and plan.

Contextual Metrics 

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Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

For students entering their first term, connecting with an advisor can yield positive results. In addition to helping students with academic plans and goals, advisors can help students with uncovering institutional opportunities that may help the student feel apart of the university community.

This opportunity surfaces for students who have to met with an advisor before the beginning their first term. Consider these impactful actions to address the opportunity.

Group Outreach 

Using the message tool, welcome students to the institution and invite them to attend an advising appointment. 

One-to-One Outreach 

Conduct a call campaign. New students may not be accustomed to using their institution-specific email address. Consider calling these students to invite them into an appointment and inform them of the resources available to them via their student portal and email. 

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