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Students with alerts from multiple faculty and/or staff members

There have been multiple concerns raised for these students from at least two faculty or staff members within the current term. This could indicate an immediate academic challenge or personal issue that is affecting a student beyond one course or the need for more immediate support. 

Contextual Metrics

  • Number of alerts
  • Number of Unresolved alerts
  • Next Advising Appointment
  • Major 
  • Last Outreach
  • Addressed Status

Impactful Actions - Addressing this Opportunity

Inspire enables support services to have a more holistic view of a student’s experience at the institution. Using the alert system, faculty and advisors are able to raise and address any and all concerns that may arise related to a students success. 

System notifications, daily digest emails, and a commenting/feedback system make it easy to visually track how a student is being supported in Inspire. If multiple alerts have been raised for a student, start by reviewing the alert notification. Whenever an alert is raised, the user has the ability to suggest next steps that should be taken.

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