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User Management

The User Management console can be accessed from the Civitas admin panel. From this page, click the User Management box to navigate to the console.

Page Navigation

There are two standard pages within the User Management console, including Manage Users and Import Users. Partners who have enabled auto-provisioning will have a third page, titled Permission Sets. Refer to later sections of this guide for additional details about each page.

  1. Manage Users allows you to individually manage your user lists and search using Id, name, email, and permissions, as well as sort based on any of these fields.
  2. Import Users allows you to add several users at once by uploading a spreadsheet containing the users, and their associated information.
  3. Permission Sets allows you to manage the roles and permissions that have been created, a well as create new permission sets.

Single Sign-On 

Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials (e.g. an institution’s username and password). SSO is typically set up during the initial deployment of a Civitas application and requires coordination from Civitas and institution SSO engineers.  

What should I know about SSO? 

If your institution chooses to enable SSO, users will be able to login to Civitas applications using their institution credentials, rather than a separate set of Civitas credentials.  

If your institution does not choose to not enable SSO, users will need to have a Civitas user account created so that they may access your Civitas applications. The creation of these accounts can be executed in Manage Users and Import Users.  

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