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Finding Insights in Courses

Illume Courses is comprised of two main pages:

Course Explorer

Course Explorer displays the courses that are most predictive of graduation or persistence for the chosen Focus Area and for the applied filter group. The most predictive courses are shown by the year in the academic career in which the course is most commonly taken.

From this page, you can:

  • Add filters to see how different student groups are impacted by different courses

  • Select a new exploratory Focus Area to view a different distribution of courses

  • Search for a specific course of interest

  • Adjust the view to compare fewer or more courses at once

  • Review a list of courses with the greatest impact potential

Course Details

Course Details displays Key Insights about the selected course and includes detailed information about how the course compares to the average of other courses typically taken during the same year across graduation and persistence Focus Areas.

From this page, you can:

  • See the breakdown of majors and modalities for a specific course

  • Understand the implications of the associated course signal, if applicable

  • Review enrollment information including historical enrollment counts and the year in the academic career during which the course is typically taken

  • Add additional filters to see how the course affects different students

  • Compare the course to the average course at your institution on several metrics:

    • Graduation likelihood by grade

    • Tipping point grades and the graduation rate delta from the average course

    • Course grade distribution

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