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Advising Notes

Advising Notes Overview

The Advising Notes feature provides Inspire users with a space to document important student information and the ability to share it with other support system members using a FERPA compliant sharing system.  Advising note sharing and privacy settings are driving factors behind choosing what SSUs an institution needs. Navigate to advise > advising notes or click the Notes icon on the left-hand column to see notes you have written.

Toggle My Advising Notes to see notes you have written, or All Advising Notes to see all notes shared with you. 

Create a New Note

There are four ways an advisor can create an advising note. Advisors can create a new note from: 

  1. The Advising Notes page
  2. The Advising Note tab on the student profile 
  3. Scheduling a student appointment 
  4. Sending a message to an individual or group of students 

Creating a Note from the Advising Notes page

Navigate to the Advising Notes page and click the button labeled +New Note to open the New Advising Note form.

Enter the student's name or ID number and make selections for the following:

  • Interaction Type 
  • Session Topics 
  • Engagement Opportunities
  • Note Privacy

Selections Overview

  • Interaction Type: Interaction Types are intended to categorize the type of interaction being recorded in an advising note for Reporting purposes. Choose from Email, Phone, Text, or Appointment. 
  • Appointment Type: This option is only available after selecting appointment for interaction type. Types can either be schedule ahead or walk-in. 
  • Appointment Modality: This option is only available after selecting appointment for interaction type. Modality can be in-person, phone call, or virtual meeting. 
  • Session Topics: Dropdown options used to categorize the content of an advising note or advising appointment.
  • Engagement Opportunities: If the student is matched with an engagement opportunity, the engagement opportunity field is enabled when creating an appointment and upon editing the advising note. This allows the advisor to associate an engagement opportunity with an advising note. 

Finish adding the note by entering text for the subject and body, adding any attachments, and clicking add note.

The new note will appear on the advising notes page.

Creating a Note from the Advising Note tab on the student profile

Use the search bar on the dashboard to navigate to a student's profile and click the Advising Notes tab. This page will show all advising notes for the student. 

Click the button labeled +New Note to open the New Advising Note form and add a new advising note to the student's account. 

Creating a Note from an Appointment 

Anytime an appointment is scheduled, Inspire creates an empty advising note shell where advising staff can add notes and view appointment details. Follow the process to create a new appointment (walk-in) (scheduled), and open the advising notes page. New advising notes created from an appointment display a red icon in the description. 

Click on the row to with the red icon to open the advising note and view additional details. 

Creating a Note from a Message

When sending a message to an individual or group of students, advising staff can check a box labeled, "Create an advising note from this message" to record the details of the message as an advising note.  

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