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Faculty Getting Started Guide

Inspire is a powerful tool that facilitates teamwork between faculty and advisors at your institution. Using alerts, faculty can systematically send motivating emails to recognize student academic achievements, notify students regarding areas of concern, and recommend actions that lead to success. 

Alerts created in Inspire are shared with advising team members, to build awareness around student needs and to engage the students’ support system. Use this guide to learn how to manage your account, create alerts & monitor follow-up.

Manage Your Account

Step 1: Create Your Profile

From the navigation bar in the top-right corner click the profile icon and select Profile from the dropdown menu. Be sure to:

  • Provide your contact information
  • Upload a photo or screenshot
  • Save your update
  • Check for your listing in the Directory

Step 2: Update Your Settings & Privacy

  • From the left-hand navigation bar, select Settings to update your message signature. Keep all other configurations as-is.

Create Alerts & Commendations

Step 3: Access the Course Alerts screen

  • Select Course Alerts from the left-hand navigation bar or from Tasks > Course Alerts.

  • Select a course name to get to a list of enrolled students and locate a student’s name to add a General or Checkpoint alert
    • General Alerts can be added at anytime
    • Checkpoint Alerts are associated with specific times in the term

Step 4: Select the Alert Type

  • Choose the Alert Type:
    • Give a commendation (ok) to recognize exceptional performance*
    • Choose medium alert to flag a concern that you feel might result in serious consequences if left unresolved
    • Choose high alert if the student is in immediate danger of failure or other serious consequences

*Only available for general alerts.

Step 5: Personalize the Alert

After selecting the alert type, options are provided for you to personalize the content of the message. Select accolades or concerns and recommendations for each student – or write your own.

  • Select Content: 
    • Select from institution-specific issues and recommendations 
  • Select & Create Content: 
    • Select from institution-specific issues and recommendations & Add a student-specific message at the end 
  • Create Content: 
    • Write student-specific issues and recommendations & Add a student-specific message at the end

Step 6: Engage the Advising Team

Use Inspire to engage the advising team in supporting your students’ needs. 

  • Select items in the template, write a note, or both, to provide information to advisors

Step 7: Close the Loop

Review the alerts you have raised by navigating to Course Alerts > Current Academic Year Alerts. 

  • Click a students name to see updates from advisors supporting the student, add your own comments or view resolution comments for your alert

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