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Student Advanced Search

Inspire enables users to find or create groups of students based on certain criteria available in the filter list. Filters appear in the application across Advanced Search, Groups, and Reports.  

Default filter categories include the following:

  1. System Activity 
  2. Academic Information
  3. Demographics
  4. Progress to Degree
  5. Courses
  6. Advising
  7. Alerts

Default Filters Table

The table below includes the name, category, and definition of all default filters in Inspire. Based on your institution's configuration, you may have additional filters not defined in this chart. 

Name of FilterCategory in Advanced SearchFilter Definition
Active/InactivePrioritized filter outside of advanced search.
At the top of the page. 
Active: Currently enrolled in a live term.

Inactive: Incoming admitted students not yet enrolled for a future term, Incoming admitted students enrolled in a future term, Students who were previously registered for a section in a term that was active in the last 4 calendar years but not currently enrolled in a live term.
DegreeAcademic Information Credential sought by the student in the academic career term.

Example: certificate, associate’s bachelor’s, etc.
DepartmentAcademic Information Identifies the student’s Department designation as Department. Is defined in institution data.

Example: Deeper dive into college, psychology department within the College of Arts and Sciences
Enrolled Next TermAcademic Information Students who have or have not enrolled in courses for the next term(s).
Full-time vs. Part-timeAcademic Information Breakdown of students by full-time or part-time status.
Undergraduate students: 12+ credit hours.
Graduate students: 9+ credit hours.

Options: FT, PT, N/A (when the student is unenrolled)
Undergraduate TypeAcademic Information Indicates an undergraduate student’s admit type (what they were most recently admitted as).

Options: FTIC, Transfer, Readmit, High School Dual Enrollment
MajorAcademic Information The major a student has declared during their current academic career.
GPAAcademic Information Cumulative GPA for students enrolled in current term.
Academic StandingAcademic Information Student's academic standing in the current term. (Institution values are mapped to Civitas values in filter: Good Standing, On Probation, On Warning, Dismissal, Prevent Registration)
CollegeAcademic Information Identifies the student’s College designation as College is defined in institution data.
MinorAcademic Information The minor a student has declared during their current academic career.
Academic LevelAcademic Information Academic level or grouping typically associated with student program enrollments and term, often referred to as Academic Career. Typically includes Graduate and Undergraduate, with programs such as MBA rolling up under Graduate. (UG, GR)
Registered CampusAcademic Information Institution-provided name for the campus identified as the registered (home) campus for each student in their academic career term. This is generally where the student takes the majority of their classes.
Home CampusAcademic Information Home Campus can be defined as:
1. Where the school has assigned the student (this should be mutually exclusive and a student should only have 1 home campus)
2. Where the student is taking the most classes this term. It's common for schools to assign a student to a home campus to start with but once they start taking classes, they may actually be at another campus more often.

Institution can determine which definition they choose based on their preferences and quality of their Home Campus data.
Prediction ScoreActionable AnalyticsThis is a way to filter based on our definition of “Very Low” “Low” “Moderate” “High” or “Very High,” as part of persistence prediction.
Assigned AdvisorAdvisingIndicates a specific advisor that is assigned to a caseload of students at the institution.
Student has met with advisor or scheduled time to meet with advisorAdvisingIndicates a student who has met or scheduled time with an advisor using the system.
Hold TypeAdvisingIndicates the holds that may be attached to the student in the current term.
Financial AidAdvisingIndicates the types of financial aid assistance that student is receiving in the current term if they are enrolled.

Self Pay, Loan, Pell Grant, Other Grant, Scholarship, State Loans, Work Study, Other Financial Aid, GI Bill
Advisor TypeAdvisingIndicates the type of advisor assigned to that particular student. Advisor types can be configured by the institution. Examples: Faculty Advisor, Major Advisor, Student Success Coach, etc.
Student ModalityAdvisingIndicates the primary modality in which the student takes courses (online, in person, blended).
Current AddressAdvisingSearch based on country and state
Permanent AddressAdvisingSearch based on country and state
Alert TypeAlertsIndicates whether an alert raised for a student is a "checkpoint" alert or "general" alert
Alert StatusAlertsIndicates whether an alert is open or resolved by an advisor or faculty member
Course NumberCourses Indicates the institutions course number for a course taken (current, past, future)
Grade Courses Indicates the grade in which a student received in a particular course. 
LMS Logins (if mapping LMS)Courses Number of times a student has logged into a section via the LMS in an in-progress term.
CreditsCourses Indicates the number of credits attached to a course.
TermCourses Indicates the academic term a course has taken place.
Course TypeCourses Indicates where the course was taken and whether it is credit bearing: abroad, transfer, at institution, AP, non-credit course, etc.
Section IDCourses Section ID associated with a Course.
AgeDemographicsStudent's current age in years, presented in ranges.
GenderDemographicsStudent’s gender: male, female or unknown. Unknowns are any student whose gender isn't 'M' or 'F'; some institutions have other labels that we don't recognize.
EthnicityDemographicsIs Hispanic or is not Hispanic.
RaceDemographicsWhite, African American, Asian, Native American, Two or more, Unknown
MilitaryDemographicsBinary flag that identifies whether a student is affiliated with the military. Typically, affiliation includes more than just an active duty individual. This also includes individuals such as those with Veteran status as well as children, spouses, etc. of the military individual themselves.

Options: Affiliated or Not Affiliated
Student AthleteDemographicsIdentifies if they are a student athlete.

Options Y/N
Varsity SportDemographicsIdentifies which sport/team the student plays at the institution
Start Term/YearProgress to DegreeIdentifies the first term and year of enrollment at the institution for each student AND for their current academic career (e.g. if a student was an undergraduate student and now is a graduate student, this will display start term for their graduate career).
Credits EarnedProgress to DegreeCumulative count of credits earned across all enrolled terms including credits that don't count towards the student's GPA (e.g. Pass/Fail courses)
Completed TermsProgress to DegreeCumulative count of terms completed by the student (calculated by Civitas). Completed terms include all terms a student was enrolled past the census date and received a passing grade in at least 1 hours (i.e. did not fail or withdraw from all courses).
Transfer CreditsProgress to DegreeCumulative count of transfer credits earned at another institution. This includes credits transferred in upon entry as well as transfer credits earned at another institution.
Apply to GraduateProgress to DegreeIdentifies that the student has applied to graduate within the institution's system.
Expected Grad Term/YearProgress to DegreeIdentifies the term and year the student is likely to graduate in their current academic career.
Last login dateSystem ActivityThe last time the student logged into the Inspire application.
Last appointmentSystem ActivityThe last time a student met with an advisor using the Inspire application.
Next appointmentSystem ActivityThe next time a student scheduled time to meet with an Advisor using the Inspire application.
Date account createdSystem ActivityThe date the student account was created in the Inspire application.

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