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LMS Data to Support Holistic Advising

Did you know that advisors and faculty can access data describing a student's engagement in the Learning Management System (LMS)? 

For those institutions that choose to map their Learning Management System (LMS) data, advisors and faculty will now be able to see a student’s unique daily logins and, for some LMS systems, the course grade relative to their peers in the same section. This helps provide more up to date information throughout the term for tailored support for students.

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On the Courses tab, users with the Advisor, Advisor+, and Director role may be able to view two data points from the Learning Management System (LMS). These are Unique Login Days and Current LMS Grade. Review this article for:

  • LMS Data Definitions
  • LMS Provider Information
  • LMS Use Case Examples 

LMS Data Definitions

LMS Unique Login Days Relative to Peers 

  • Unique Login Days refers to the number of unique days a student has logged into the LMS since the beginning of the term. This information is recorded at the section level and changes are reflected as the term progresses.

  • Advisors can find the Unique Login Day data on the Courses History tab of a student's profile.  

  • Relative Variable - From the Courses list, the first number displays the student's LMS login activity, while the second number displays the average number of unique logins at the section level. This relative data point helps provide additional context to student engagement that can be leveraged to guide advising interactions. 

Current LMS Grade Relative to Peers 

  • LMS Grade refers to the student's current grade as recorded in the LMS grade book since the beginning of the term. This data point will change as the term progresses and additional scores are recorded. Access to this information is dependent on faculty use of the LMS grade book and the LMS provider.

  • Relative Variable - The first number displays the student's current LMS grade as recorded in the grade book, while the second number displays the current average LMS grade for the section.

LMS Provider Information

We generally recommend that Unique Login Data and LMS Grades be configured for LMS providers that share that data with us. If a provider does not give us both data points, we will not show the data point in the UI. If an institution chooses to not show one or both of these fields, it will not show the data point in the UI. The data points that we collect from the LMS are: 

  • Student LMS Grade 
  • Section Average Grade
  • Number of daily logins

LMS Use Case Examples 

Can advisors view Unique Login Data for completed or past courses? 

  • In some cases, you may be able to view historical login data for completed courses from the Courses list. However, this is dependent on the data available from the LMS system. Not all LMSs provide this data. 

What happens if a student withdraws from a course?

  • If a course is withdrawn the SIS grade will supersede the LMS grade data and indicate Withdrawn. However, the Unique Login data is frozen and will reflect the number of logins from the day the student withdrew from the course. 

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