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Reviewing Academic Course Progress

The ability to see each student's course history at your institution is critical to informing your recommendations about academic resources and registration. Inspire surfaces the academic background for your students, enabling you to see details about current and past courses, to understand trends and signals in each student's academic progress. 

Review course details in Inspire to minimize time switching between systems and maximize time with students providing tailored recommendations for course success informed by past outcomes.

How to review a student's in-progress and historical course data:

Start by navigating to a student's profile and selecting Course History.

The Course Summary is available at the top of the page and provides you with an overview of course progress.

Summary data includes: 

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Total Credits Earned
  • Transfer Credits
  • Course Retakes
  • Course Withdrawals

Filter options are available on the left navigation and enable you to narrow results by modality, credits, or course status. 

Quick action tools are available above the course list and enable you to download an Excel file of course information or message all current instructors.

The Course History allows you to view a detailed breakdown of course information, which may include data from the LMS.

The Courses List includes collapsable tables for in-progress and completed coursework. 

For In-Progress Courses, each row includes the course number, name, credits, LMS activity (grade/avg, unique login days/avg), term, modality, and instructor. 

For past courses or transfer courses, each row includes the course number, name, credits, final grade, unique login days/avg, term, modality, and instructor. 

For In-Progress and Completed Course Work, the email icon in the instructor column will launch a new message modal, enabling you to email a faculty member directly from Inspire. 

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