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From the dashboard, advising staff can view a snapshot of upcoming appointments and events under the section labeled Calendar under the Connect tile. Click Calendar from the main dashboard or select Calendar from the left-side menu navigation to view additional Calendar information.


What can I see on the Calendar?

Calendar View

Clicking Calendar from the dashboard will open to the Inspire Calendar View. From here advisors see a grid view of their calendar showing free/ busy times from their synced institutional calendar, appointment slots, scheduled appointments, and scheduled events with the ability to add and edit content. 

Users can use the + Add a Calendar option to view other advisors’ calendars,* use the Event Type filter to limit what’s shown on the page, and can use the search labeled Filter based on student groups to find events available to an Inspire dynamic or static group. 

Calendar Actions 

  1. Zoom in and out: View more or less information on the screen. Month, week, day, today:  Change the view of the calendar.
  2. Search Calendar: Users can search by keyword, appointment, or advisor using the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The user will be taken to the ListView to view search results.
  3. My Calendars: Filter by events created in Inspire and free/busy time being brought in from the user’s bidirectional calendar.
  4. Add Calendar: Type to autosuggest an advisor’s name and view their calendar. After selected, the advisor’s name will appear under “Other Calendars” until it’s removed.
  5. Other Calendars: View other advisors’ calendars here. Toggle visibility on/off 
  6. Event Type: Filter by events, appointments, appointment slots, and synced events (from bidirectional calendar sync)
  7. Filter by group type: If the user has specified that appointment slots or events are segmented to specific groups, they can use this search box to filter content by student group.

Additional Calendar Views

In addition to the Calendar View, there are three additional views accessible to advising staff. 

List View 

List/table view of that user's scheduled appointments and events with the ability to add and edit content. Users can also see advising & walk-in hours.

Available Appointments 

List view of a user’s available appointment slots and walk-in hours with the ability to schedule an available appointment. Users can also filter to see booked appointments or blocked times. If a user can view other users calendars, they can also search and schedule on behalf of others here.


Attendance tracking for events. Events only show up on this page if registration is enabled on an event. Attendance, RSVP, and event Check-in tracking available.

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