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Creating Advising Hours (Appointment Slots)

Advisors or admin can create advising hours (Appointment Slots), which are slots of time that they are available to meet with students. Appointments slots can be made available to all students, or to a custom group of students created within the system. Students then schedule from these available slots. 

Create Appointment Slots 

Select a portion of the day by clicking and dragging the mouse, or click the + create button to begin creating scheduled advising hours. This will open the Appointment Slots tab. 

Make selections for the following options and click add to update appointment slots:

  • Scheduling available to

  • Display on student’s calendar as 

  • Scheduling deadline 

  • Appointment modality & location 

  • Blocked appointment slots 

  • Start Date/Start Time/End Time

  • Repeat Options

Selections Overview 

Select calendar: only available for users who can schedule on behalf of other users (Director, Admin, Scheduling Manager). By default “my calendar” will be selected.

Scheduling available to: Indicate who should be able to schedule an appointment in these slots. Users can target advising hours to system or user-generated group (static or dynamic), by removing “All students” and typing to autosuggest for their desired group name.

Display on student’s calendar as: Indicate how appointment slots should appear on the student's calendar. 

Scheduling deadline for students: Select a scheduling deadline from the dropdown menu. 

Appointment Modality: Select the modalities you would like to include (in-person, phone call, virtual meeting, Zoom virtual meeting) and update details in the location field.  

Choose open slots to block off: Block off select periods of time within your advising hours, like lunch or standing meetings to prevent students from being able to schedule appointments during these times.

Start Date/Start Time/End Time: Review the appointment start date, start & end time, and update if necessary. 

Repeat Option: Choose to make appointment slots repeat over weeks, days or months and select the duration for each appointment slot.

Review your selections, then click Add. The indicated student group will see the available advising hours on their calendar.

Edit Appointment Slots

From your calendar, click on an appointment slot to edit them or to create an appointment within that time period.

Edit the information and click Update.

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